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Certified Organic Russian Giant Garlic for Sale By The Pound

A feisty, full-bodied variety that grows large in size and flavor

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For Cooks


eaturing a flavorful taste on the strong side, Russian Giant garlic is commonly used for stir-frying, pickling, and in hummus, soups, and pestos. This variety is a hardneck garlic and grows BIG featuring five large cloves with brown clove wrappers. Known for its marbled dark purple striping, Russian Giant originates from the former USSR. Whether roasted, sauteed, or raw this garlic packs a punch!

Roasted - Rich, musky, pleasing - a Martha Stewart favorite!

Sauteed - Pleasant & fresh

Raw - Hot & feisty, long-storing


For Gardeners


If you’re looking for garlic to grow, Russian Giant grows big. Its size combined with dark purple striping make it a worthy addition to a farmer’s market stand. This garlic grows well in the northern states (similarly to its origins in Russia) and has approximately six months of storage life.




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All Garlic Orders Ship In the Fall