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Certified Organic Romainian Red Garlic for Sale by the Pound

Zesty organic varietal for cooking, worthwhile challenge for growing

Romanian Red is an absolutely wonderful yet temperamental friend. Effort has to go into the relationship when growing Romanian Red. It demands and rewards the best.

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For Cooks


Romanian Red is a powerful flavor that can push an okay dish into delicious territory. When in doubt, a little Romanian red goes a long way. With the highest levels of allicin and other nutrients, many say it requires 2/3rds less for the same flavor of other varietals.

Roasted - Creamy garlic sweetness with a buttery finish

Sauteed - Buttery and rich flavor with an amazing aroma

Raw - Velvety garlic flavor, very warm


For Gardeners


It demands care, and it rewards those who are willing to give it. Romanian red requires pampering, and doesn’t respond well to “wet feet.” It requires proper weeding and supervision. When you bring your Romanian Red to harvest you’ll be rewarded with rich, zesty flavor and unmatched nutraceutical benefits.

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All Garlic Orders Ship In the Fall