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Certified Organic Georgian Crystal

Big and easy to grow - Consistent "WINNER" of any "Roasted" Garlic Competition and many other size and taste competitions

Looking to grow a crowd pleasing giant varietal to take to market? Contact the EDN Farms Family about wholesale prices.

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For Cooks


Chefs love the crisp and bright flavor of Georgian Crystal for use in salad dressing or mild, fruity salsas. This variety is slightly hot when raw. When cooked it does not produce much heat and the, but full flavor lingers. Roasting Georgian Crystal unlocks big buttery notes and is described as "So satisfying."

Roasted - Rich, buttery, satisfying

Sauteed - Warm and pleasant

Raw - Clean, tingly, crisp finish

For Gardeners


This garlic is a yield and size performer even when less than perfect conditions and care has been provided. Unlike its cousin Romanian Red, Georgian Crystal is said not to need coddling. If you’re looking for garlic to grow for sale, Georgian Crystal can get big. Its size combined with clean, white outer papers makes it an eye-catching addition to a farmer’s market stand. It prefers colder climates (more similar to its home in the Cichisdzhvari mountains in the Republic of Georgia), but we’ve had growers respond with positive results as far South as Texas.

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All Garlic Orders Ship In the Fall