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4 Varietal Garlic Gift Box

Four of our favorite varietals for eating or planting

Begin your exploration of the world of garlic with 4 of our hand-selected varietals in a gift box

*All Garlic Orders Ship In the Fall*

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Dive In With This 4 Varietal Garlic Gift Box 

If you're looking for the perfect gift to give the gardener or cook in your life it's time to call off the search. At EDN farms, we've selected 4 of our favorite varietals for growing and eating and packaged them together in one great gift box. If you're looking for something to stick in the ground, or spice up your kitchen, we promise to include a little bit of both. 

Varietals included will vary depending on availability and maybe our mood on the day of packaging. Every bulb you receive will be labeled and using our garlic resources you'll be able to get the best flavor or yield. 

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All Garlic Orders Ship In the Fall