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Persian Star Garlic for Sale by the Pound

If you want the best garlic varietal for red sauce – look no further

Persian Star will defy expectations in any recipe, use it in a tomato dish and your customers will be running back for more.

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For Cooks


The one absolute must-have garlic varietal for red sauce is Persian Star. More and more chefs are coming around to it’s pleasant flavor with a perfect zing. The warm and inviting aroma is matched only by it’s taste.

Roasted - Warm and rich garlic tones with a slight coffee finish

Sauteed - Bold, rustic flavor

Raw - Zing, hot, mouthwatering aroma

For Gardeners


Originally Persian Star was brought to the new world from an Uzbek bazaar in the 1980s. This varietal has a smooth, white outer wrapper with vivid, purple clove wrappers. Plant it in rich soil in a cold climate and watch it shoot up.

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All Garlic Orders Ship In the Fall