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Les Trois Cousins

Originating from the French Mediterranean region, the 3 varieties are known as "Les Trois Cousins" or "The Three Cousins." The 3 garlics share inherited high allicin content and health benefits, along with having their own look and drastically varying behavior.  Growing these varietals could mean reducing inflammation, along with the risk of heart disease and cancer.

An ancient story tells the tale of 3 cousins who served in the French Foreign Legion. When the three young boys visited their “Papa” they learned his natural ways of healing, where he gave the 3 of them, only the highest allicin-containing garlic. The 3 growing boys learned to cultivate and cherish their favorite. 

Each went to war and experienced battles and serious non-life-threatening injuries. Many who sustained these injuries perished from inevitable infections. None of the boys ever caught an infection. “The three cousins” survived the war through the antibacterial properties of “Papa's" garlic. In the USA these 3 varietals are known as Romanian Red, Georgian Crystal, and Siberian Red.

We're busy growing our Siberian Red garlic for 2022. Check back to receive the last of the healthiest garlic varietals.

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