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Everybody loves garlic, and it's the true connoisseurs who are looking for the best non-GMO organic bulbs in the land. Choose garlic from Persian star (the red sauce favorite), Metechi (hot and trendy...literally),  Music (a melodic masterpiece), and more. Buckle up - each of these varieties below come with a one-way ticket to flavortown. 

Want only the best organic garlic? We supply restaurants & kitchens with bulk orders. Contact us to learn more about bulk orders & pricing. View our official proof of organic certification.


Garlic Scapes for Sale
ORGANIC Garlic Scapes
Delicious Organic Garlic Scapes are the stems from hardneck garlic plants. Textured like asparagus b…
Georgian Crystal Garlic Varietal for Sale
Georgian Crystal Certified Organic
Looking to grow a crowd pleasing giant varietal to take to market? Contact the EDN Farms Family abou…
Certified Organic Chesnok Red Garlic for Sale
Chesnok Red Certified Organic
Have questions about Chesnok Red, or want to place a large order? Contact us to talk about wholesale…
Buy Certified Organic Georgian Fire from EDN Farms
Georgian Fire Certified Organic
Treat Georgian Fire right and it just might become the love of your life. Contact EDN Farms for addi…
Music is one of EDN's favorite certified organic garlic varietals
Music Certified Organic
Want to stock up on this fan favorite garlic varietal? Contact us to ask about bulk orders and whole…
Certified Organic Metechi Heirloom Garlic for Sale
Metechi Heirloom Certified Organic
Ask about bulk orders and wholesale pricing.
Certified Organic Persian Star Garlic for Sale By the Pound
Persian Star Certified Organic
Persian Star will defy expectations in any recipe, use it in a tomato dish and your customers will b…
Organic Romanian Red Garlic For Sale
Romanian Red Certified Organic
Romanian Red is an absolutely wonderful yet temperamental friend. Effort has to go into the relation…
Order Organic German Extra Hearty in Bulk
German Extra Hardy Certified Organic
If you’re looking to get your hands on bulk quantities of German Extra Hardy bulbs, contact us. We o…
Estonian Red Certified Organic
Looking to purchase this very distinct varietal? Contact EDN Farms about wholesale prices.
Russian Giant Certified Organic
Looking to make a bulk purchase of this attitude-filled varietal? Contact EDN Farms about wholesale …

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