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What's the difference in Edn Farms' Organic and 100% Natural Grown? 

There is none. None! All of our garlic is grown together in their fields and a bulb that was ordered as "Organic Certified" was grown right next to one that was ordered as "100% Naturally Grown." Because of the unnecessary expenses that go with the garlic sold as organic, we charge a dollar per pound extra. Now-a-days, organic certifying agencies are like big credit card banks; they want a percentage of gross sales and that gets passed on to the end user.

View our last official proof of organic certification.

As of Memorial Day 2022 Edn Farms will no longer be a part of what the USDA Organic Certification has become. If you would like to know more, please research "Organic Scam" or "Organic Fraud" reports by reputable journalists. We have read many and we can tell you, after being on the inside, they're true.


Edn Farms' standards are much higher than USDA Organic Standards.

There is no need for herbicides or pesticides because we carefully rotate crops, we do not plant in monocultures, and we cultivate mechanically or by hand. We farm the old way, literally! USDA Organic Standards however, allow over 20 pesticides and even more herbicides that are far more deadly toxic than synthetics.


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