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Maybe you don't know where to start, maybe you can't decide, or maybe you're trying to play all the sides in a garlic-related family feud. Whatever your reasons, EDN Farms sells garlic sample packs loaded to the brim with a variety of garlic varietals. More than anything else we just can't stand to see people buy one varietal and miss out on all of our other delicious varietals. 

All bulbs are the "Large" size and varietals are dealers choice. To help you make the most of our variety packages, we include resources to help decipher which varietals are best for which types of recipes and best practices for planting at home. 

EDN Farms is a supplier of garlic to restaurants, gardeners and foodies nationwide. Contact us to learn about bulk sales and wholesale pricing.
Garlic Variety Gift Basket
2 Varietal Garlic Gift Box
Our two-varietal box comes loaded with two of our favorite garlic varietals, and comprehensive infor…
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4 Varietal Garlic Gift Box
Begin your exploration of the world of garlic with 4 of our hand-selected varietals in a gift box
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