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What is Red Garlic?

Red Garlic is called such because of the pinkish/red or purplish/red pigmentations of its clove skins. Whether Romanian Red, Russian Red, Spanish Red, Chesnok Red, etc., its color doesn’t correlate to a specific flavor profile. What we can tell you about the “Reds” is that they ALL are wonderful all-around performers be it Raw, Sauteed, Baked, or Roasted. “Reds” are “Must Haves” in the professional culinary world and serious home chef’s arsenal.

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Romanian Red Garlic For Sale
Romanian Red 100% Naturally Grown
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Chesnok Red Garlic for Sale
Chesnok Red 100% Naturally Grown
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Estonian Red Garlic Bulb for sale
Estonian Red 100% Naturally Grown
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