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There aren’t many things better than eating a garlic dish made with home grown cloves. It just tastes a little zestier that way. All of the waiting, watering, and weeding can really work up an appetite. Here are our picks for the best garlic varietals for growing in your garden at home.

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Chesnok Red is one of the best garlic varieties for growing at home
1. Chesnok Red

Chesnok Red is a hardy and durable variety of garlic. It’s very easy to grow, hard neck variety of garlic. Hardneck garlic is advantageous because of its hardy qualities. If you’re new to growing garlic and want a fresh, easy to grow, and tasty garlic, Chesnok Red is your go to option.

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Growing Georgian Crystal at Home is Easy and Rewarding
2. Georgian Crystal

Originally grown in the Cichisdzhvari Mountains, Georgian Crystal is resilient and needs minimal maintenance. This makes it great for new growers. Additionally, Georgian Crystal is one of the healthiest variety of garlics. It lowers cholesterol and promotes immune health and. Convenience aside, Georgian crystal tastes phenomenal. It has crisp bright flavors that pair beautifully with salad dressings and fruit salsas.  Most recently, Georgian Crystal earned the esteemed distinction of 1st place Battle of the Bulbs Roasted competition. This garlic is a great addition to any home garden.

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One of the best tasting garlics to grow at home is German Extra Hearty
3. German Extra Hearty

German Extra Hearty is more than just a name, it's a pretty accurate description. This varietal is known for being tall, tough, and easy to store long term. Its resilience makes it great for beginners and it allows for excellent storage in-ground over winter. If you're looking for a good first varietal to grow, this one will reward you with a great roasting bulb that produces a sweet, nutty flood of flavor.

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