3 Types of Garlic that will Boost Your Immune System

Your diet is essential to good immune health. Staying away from sugary foods and saturated fats might be good for your physique but what type of diet will protect you from disease? There are many foods that provide vitamins and minerals but very few can match the qualities of Garlic. Garlic contains a powerful compound known as Alliin. When Alliin is crushed or chewed it transforms into a similar sulfuric compound called Allicin. When Allicin enters the body, it converts into other Organosulfuric compounds. These compounds have been shown to boost the immune system and prevent viral infections such as the common cold and flu.

All garlic is not made equal. Some types of garlic can have up to 3x more Allicin than other kinds. Here are the 3 best kinds of Garlic to help you stay healthy.

Romanian Red's Allicin Content makes is hands down the best variety for immune health
1. Romanian Red

Romanian Red is the undisputed, pound for pound champ when it comes to Allicin production. Coming in with up to 3x more Allicin than other varieties of Garlic, this garlic is your immune systems best friend. If that isn’t enough, Romanian Red is notorious for its zesty flavor and is the best kind of garlic to use when you want to incorporate bold flavors. If you could only choose 1 type of garlic to improve your health, this would be the go to. But why stop at just 1?

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Georgian Crystal is Great for Antiviral Uses
2. Georgian Crystal

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word crystal? Perhaps a shiny rock or maybe a fancy chandelier. Well after tasting this garlic, you’ll forever associate it with Georgian Crystal. This full bodied garlic delivers a crisp flavor that’ll have you craving more, and it holds the unique distinction of being the 1st place Battle of the Bulbs Roasted competition. Delivering light buttery notes and a powerful immune system boost, this gem is not to be forgotten.

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Georgian Fire is one of the best garlics for your immune system
3. Georgian Fire

Though last on the list, Georgian Fire should not be shunned. Containing nearly as much Allicin as Georgian Crystal, this sister species of garlic is great defensive shield against dangerous viruses. It also tastes great when added to your favorite marinades!

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Health Tips for Cooking Garlic

Though a powerful viral deterrent, the chemicals in garlic are quite delicate and must be treated with care. When preparing garlic for maximum health benefits, remember to follow the “10 and 2 rule”.

The "10 and 2 rule"

After slicing, chopping, or mincing garlic, leave it out to rest for 10 minutes to allow Alliin to convert into Allicin.


Then while cooking, make sure to cook it for no longer than 2 minutes at a low to moderate temparature or else the Allicin could be destroyed by the heat.

Following this “10 and 2 rule” will allow you to reap the full health benefits of the cooked garlic you consume.
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