Garlic lover's gift boxesThe best (garlic) gifts all year round

Ditch the mugs and the cast irons skillets this year, and give the garlic lover in your life exactly what they want this holiday season – a gift box full of garlic varietals to tantalize the taste buds. Give them the chance to experience Persian Star garlic or Georgian fire garlic for the first time with sampler gift boxes from EDN Farms. We handpick garlic with distinctive flavor profiles and gardening specifications to ensure a unique experience with every box.

Our harvest season is at its end so we have limited availability on 4-batch and 2-batch gift boxes - order yours today!

4-varietal boxes 

2-varietal boxes


Wisconsin-grown garlic varietal sampler

Diversify your palate with exotic garlic varietals from EDN Farms. We harvest all-natural, pesticide-free garlic direct from our Waukesha, WI farm and ship to you, wherever you are. 

Our garlic varieties include:

  • Romanian Red garlic: velvety flavor with a creamy sweet finish
  • Metechi garlic: a zesty kick in the pants
  • Georgian Crystal garlic: rich & buttery tones with a crisp finish
  • Majestic garlic: subtle tones with lasting flavor
  • Chesnok Red garlic: earthy tones with big aromatic features and a peppery finish

Check out our gourmet garlic list for a flavor profile breakdown for each varietal we harvest.


Garlic gifts for cooking and gardening

Pick one or both with our garlic varietal gift boxes! Our bulbs offer a full array of flavors to accompany any dish (or just make your house smell great) and give you the opportunity to try your hand at cultivating your favorite flavor. Check out tips and tricks to growing your own garlic for more information. 

Get in touch to discuss harvest season, garlic flavors and gift boxes this holiday season. 
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