EDN Farms: Small Farm, Big Garlic

EDN Farms follows in the tradition of growing bold, robust garlic of all sorts. Ranging from Persian Star, all the way down to our Georgian Fire, our Garlic is outstanding. We know the ins and outs of growing garlic that’ll deliver the flavor and quality you crave. Whether you’re a garlic lover looking for a powerful punch in each bite, or an individual looking to add more subtle notes to your next family meal, we have the Garlic for you.

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We are USDA Certified Organic,

and Herbicide Free Products 


EDN farms is a USDA Certified Organic Farm that emphasizes quality. We farm because we love. That’s why we never use herbicides or insecticides on our crops. Other farmers, sometimes even organic farmers, put their profits first while their customers & product come last. At our artisan farm, we don’t indulge in the unethical practices of corporate industrial farming. When you experience our garlic, you’ll understand why. Taste the difference of our pesticide-free, gourmet garlic and stop by EDN farms today.


Where’s the Garlic!?

EDN Farm’s mission is to provide delicious high-quality garlic to as many people as possible. We ship nationwide and love supplying restaurants and eating establishments. We are located in Waukesha Wisconsin. Our garlic harvest season is from June (scapes) and then "on farm" garlic sales and pick up begins in late August.

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